Tugas Information Technology(IT) II : The Greedy Goldfish

6 October 2011 at 12:48 pm | Posted in Assignment, IT, Tugas Kuliah | 4 Comments

There was a goldfish who’s very greedy. His name is Gendut. One day, Gendut took his friend’s food. It was a big worm. Then Gendut eat that worm as fast as he can.


but can’t swallow that worm because it’s not a worm but a hook from a fisherman who was fishing nearby.

Ugh…It’s hurt. Said Gendut.

There’s a hook that stuck in his mouth. Gendut try to take it off but suddenly the fisherman pull his fishing rod and in few second Gendut was flying in the air and the same time the fisherman use his net to catch Gendut. Now Gendut realize it’s bad to take someone’s food especially if it’s belongs to your friend. Gendut can’t do anything because he trapped in fisherman’s net.

Then suddenly the fisherman tripped and his net fall to the sea and at the same time his friend come and try to rescuing him. Gendut was saved and now he can swimming around. He really thankful to his friend and apologizing for what he done before. His friend forgive him and tell Gendut to sharing from now on and don’t be a greed one. From that day Gendut become a kind fish and Help each other. He is not greedy anymore and now he have a lot of friend.

The End…
Thank you…:D

By Ryan Zen Fataya


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  1. mantap kesahx….hihi

    • hahaha…arigatou gozaimashita….

  2. mata nya ngingetin sama tokoh di bart simpson dah

    • ahaha…XD
      bkin sndiri tuh sensei ceritanya XD
      gmn menurut sensei??

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